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album a long-playing phonograph record or set of records, or the jacket or binder thereof. [1/3 definitions]
black tie the black bow tie worn on semiformal occasions with a dinner jacket or tuxedo. [1/2 definitions]
black-tie requiring semi-formal attire, esp., for the men, a black bow tie and dinner jacket or tuxedo.
blazer a sports jacket in a solid, sometimes bright color, often with a school or club emblem on the breast pocket.
bloomer1 an outfit formerly worn by girls and women consisting of billowy trousers, gathered at the ankle and worn under a skirt and often with a jacket and wide-brimmed hat. [1/3 definitions]
bolero a fitted jacket that ends at or above the waist and is worn open at the front. [1/2 definitions]
cardigan a soft, usu. knitted, collarless jacket or sweater that buttons or hangs open in the front.
carmagnole the costume worn by the revolutionaries, consisting of a short loose jacket with wide lapels, black pants, a red cap, and a tricolored girdle, or the jacket alone. [1/2 definitions]
coat the jacket of a suit. [1/5 definitions]
cummerbund a wide, often pleated band worn about a man's waist and under his dinner jacket or other formal attire.
deerskin an article of clothing, such as a jacket, made of deerskin. [1/3 definitions]
dickey a woman's blouse front for wearing under a jacket or for covering the neckline. [2/5 definitions]
dinner jacket a man's semiformal jacket for evening wear; tuxedo. [2 definitions]
double-breasted having the sides overlap each other by a wide margin on the breast or front, and usu. having a double vertical row of buttons, as a jacket or coat. (Cf. single-breasted.) [2 definitions]
doublet a snug jacket, sometimes sleeveless and sometimes having a short skirt, worn by men during the Renaissance. [1/4 definitions]
Eton collar a broad white collar worn over the lapels of an Eton jacket, or a collar like this.
Eton jacket a waist-length jacket with wide lapels, worn open in front.
frog2 a decorative fastener, as on a coat or jacket, with a button or knot on one side of the opening and a loop on the other side, usu. made of braid or cord.
hood a covering for the head and neck, often attached to a coat, jacket, robe, or the like. [1/6 definitions]
jacket to cover or furnish with a jacket. [1/3 definitions]
jacketless combined form of jacket.