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alveolar of or pertaining to the part of the jaw containing the sockets of the teeth. [1/4 definitions]
antrum a cavity within a bone, such as the pair of sinuses in the upper jaw that open into the nose.
anvil the fixed jaw in a measuring instrument such as calipers. [1/3 definitions]
bill2 the parts of a bird's jaw that form the beak. [1/3 definitions]
boxer a German breed of dog with short hair, a square jaw, and a brown coat. [1/2 definitions]
caliper a similar instrument with one fixed jaw and one sliding jaw. [1/3 definitions]
caliper rule a graduated rule with one jaw that slides and one that is fixed.
cheek the side of the face between the jaw and the eye. [1/3 definitions]
chin the central, protruding part of the jaw below the mouth. [1/3 definitions]
eyetooth a canine tooth in the upper jaw, located beneath the eye.
incisor in mammals, one of the four sharp teeth located between the canines in each jaw at the front of the mouth.
jawbone any of the bones that compose the jaw, esp. the lower one. [1/3 definitions]
jawless combined form of jaw.
jowl2 skin, flesh, or the like that hangs down from the lower jaw.
lantern jaw a bony, projecting lower jaw.
lockjaw a variety of tetanus in which the muscles of the jaw spasm and clench the jaw closed.
lower1 a dental plate for the lower jaw. (Cf. upper.) [1/9 definitions]
mandible the bone of the lower jaw in vertebrates. [1/3 definitions]
monkey wrench a wrench with one movable jaw that can be adjusted with a screw to fit nuts of various sizes.
muttonchops side whiskers on either side of a clean-shaven chin, that are rounded and broad at the lower jaw and narrow at the temple.
narwhal an arctic aquatic mammal related to the dolphin, that has a spotted pelt and, on the male, a long spirally twisted ivory tusk projecting from the upper jaw.