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accompany to go along with (someone or something); join with. [1/3 definitions]
affix to attach or join physically (usu. fol. by "to"). [1/5 definitions]
agency shop an agreement, between an owner or manager and a union that requires employees who do not want to join the union to pay a fee. [1/2 definitions]
ankylose to grow together, join, or stiffen by ankylosis, as the bones of a joint.
associate to join as an ally, partner, or friend. [1/10 definitions]
attach to join, fasten, or connect; affix. [1/4 definitions]
be on the bandwagon to join a party, cause, or movement because it seems assured of success, as during an election.
bill2 to press or join beaks together. [1/3 definitions]
bond to join together, as in a bond. [1/6 definitions]
buckle a fastener, usu. made of metal, that is used to join two ends, as of a belt. [2/9 definitions]
chime in to join in so as to harmonize with, as in singing. [1/2 definitions]
close to draw together; join. [1/24 definitions]
cog3 to join using cogs. [1/2 definitions]
cojoin combined form of join.
combine to bring or join together, as into a whole. [2/6 definitions]
come to join others at an event or for some activity. [1/11 definitions]
confederate to join or unite in a confederacy. [1/6 definitions]
conjugate in biology, to unite or join. [1/5 definitions]
connect to join together; link. [1/4 definitions]
connive to join secretly in a plot or scheme; conspire (often fol. by "with"). [1/2 definitions]
consort to join in company; unite. [1/5 definitions]