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Jesús Hernández Cuban journalist, founder of the independent news agency, Cooperativa Avileña de Periodistas Independientes (CAPI), and recipient of the 1999 International Press Freedom Award (b. 1974).
Pulitzer Prize any of several annual prizes established by journalist Joseph Pulitzer and awarded for outstanding achievement to U.S. journalists, authors, playwrights, and composers.
Roberto Suro an American journalist and professor who specializes in Hispanic issues and immigration policy. Suro is the former director of the Pew Hispanic Center (b.1951).
scribe1 a writer, esp. a journalist. [1/3 definitions]
Stephen Crane U.S. journalist and writer, acclaimed for his novel The Red Badge of Courage, (b.1871--d.1900).
writer one who writes as a job or profession; journalist; author. [1/2 definitions]