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acumen superior insight; quickness and shrewdness of judgment, esp. in practical matters.
amenable capable of or open to a test or judgment. [1/3 definitions]
Anubis in Egyptian mythology, the god, represented with a jackal head, who leads the dead to judgment.
appraisal a judgment about the nature, quality, or value of someone or something. [1/2 definitions]
arbitrament the final judgment of an arbitrator. [1/2 definitions]
assessment a judgment or evaluation. [1/3 definitions]
astigmatic having a distorted point of view or warped judgment. [1/3 definitions]
astigmatism a warped or blurred viewpoint; faulty judgment. [1/2 definitions]
astute keen in understanding and judgment; shrewd.
auto-da-fé the public announcement of the judgment and sentences passed and imposed on people tried as heretics during the Spanish Inquisition. [1/2 definitions]
bias an inclination or preference that influences judgment; prejudice. [1/8 definitions]
blind to take away (one's) judgment. [1/12 definitions]
bureaucrat an official in a government office, esp. one who follows rules and routines rather than personal judgment.
callow lacking adult sophistication or judgment; inexperienced; immature.
clearsighted possessing sound judgment; thinking clearly; perceptive. [1/2 definitions]
comment a judgment or statement about something, intentionally implied or able to be drawn from something that is witnessed or experienced. [1/8 definitions]
common sense practical judgment based on experience or native intelligence, and not on education or training.
conclude to make a judgment or inference; deduce. [1/4 definitions]
court of appeals (sometimes cap.) a state or federal court, to which requests for case reviews or retrials are presented, that decides whether the rulings and judgment of the court below were correct or not; appellate court.
criticism an unfavorable or negative judgment or evaluation. [1/4 definitions]
defer2 to submit or yield to the desire, opinion, or judgment of another.