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bail out (informal) to jump from an airplane with a parachute.
bolt1 to jump or spring up, as with surprise. [1/14 definitions]
bounce a sudden spring or jump. [1/10 definitions]
broad jump in track competition, a jump for distance with a running start; a former name for long jump. [2 definitions]
cannonball a jump into water with one's arms wrapped around one's tucked-in legs. [1/4 definitions]
dance to jump or skip in excitement or agitation. [1/9 definitions]
free-fall the initial stage of a parachute jump, prior to the opening of the parachute. [1/2 definitions]
high jump a field event in which contestants jump over a level bar, which is raised after each successful trial.
hoop a large ring of wood, plastic, or metal, such as that used as a child's toy or for an animal to jump through. [1/7 definitions]
hop1 to jump or skip on one foot only. [4/8 definitions]
hopscotch a children's game in which players toss a small stone or other object onto a pattern of numbered squares drawn on the ground or pavement, and then hop or jump from one square to another, picking up the stone in the process.
jumper1 a horse that has been trained to jump barriers. [1/3 definitions]
jumping bean the seed of certain Mexican plants of the spurge family, which contains the larva of a small moth whose movements cause the seed to roll and jump.
jumping jack a continuous exercise in which one moves the legs apart and the arms above the head with one jump, then brings the legs together and the arms to the sides with the next. [1/2 definitions]
jump shot in basketball, a shot made by a player at the highest point of a jump.
jump-start the act or an instance of jump-starting a car. [1/2 definitions]
knuckle ball in baseball, a slow pitch thrown with the knuckles or tips of two or three fingers pressed against the ball, causing it to waver and jump; knuckler.
leap to jump, spring, or pass over quickly. [2/6 definitions]
leapfrog a game in which one player kneels or bends at the waist while succeeding players jump over him or her. [3 definitions]
life net a strong net used by firefighters or others to catch people forced to jump from a burning building.
long jump in competitive track sports, a jump for horizontal distance with a running start.