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attorney general (cap.) the director of the U.S. Department of Justice and a member of the President's Cabinet. [1/2 definitions]
by rights according to principles of fairness and justice.
cardinal virtues the basic virtues in ancient Greek philosophy; justice, prudence, temperance, and fortitude.
civil marriage a marriage performed by a government official, such as a justice of the peace, rather than a clergyman.
concede to acknowledge the truth, justice, or propriety of; admit. [1/3 definitions]
expediency advantageousness to one's own interests, as opposed to moral rightness or justice. [1/2 definitions]
FBI abbreviation of "Federal Bureau of Investigation," a U.S. agency of the Justice Department responsible for investigating violations of federal criminal law.
Federal Bureau of Investigation a U.S. agency of the Justice Department responsible for investigating violations of federal criminal law.
injustice the absence of justice; violation of someone's rights or of that which is right or fair. [1/2 definitions]
J.P. abbreviation of "Justice of the Peace," the lowest level of magistrate in some U. S. states, whose jurisdiction is usu. part of a county and whose duties include administering oaths, performing marriages, and trying minor cases.
judicatory of or pertaining to judging or justice, as in the legal system. [1/2 definitions]
judicature the administration of justice by courts or judges. [1/3 definitions]
judicial of, concerning, or appropriate to judges, courts of law, or the administration of justice. [1/3 definitions]
judicial activism judicial practice based on the belief that courts may play a role in the creation of new policy by broadly interpreting and reinterpreting the language of the Constitution and other laws when doing so best enables the service of justice.
judiciary of or concerning judges, courts of law, or the administration of justice. [1/4 definitions]
juridical of or pertaining to the law or to the administration of justice.
justly with justice or fairness. [1/2 definitions]
magistrate a public official who exercises a judicial or executive function, such as a mayor or justice of the peace.
mercy kind, compassionate, and lenient treatment of someone over whom one has some power, as through the administration of justice. [1/3 definitions]
millennium a period of peace, justice, harmony, and joy that is wished for or expected to come at some time in the future. [1/3 definitions]
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. an influential U.S. Supreme Court justice (1902-1932), known for exercising judicial restraint and cited frequently for the opinion he wrote for Schenck v. United States, in which he argued that freedom of speech could be limited only in cases when particular acts of expression presented a "clear and present danger" to the country or its people (b.1841--d.1935).