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accountable responsible for providing a credible and respectable explanation or justification, esp. of one's own actions (usu. fol. by "for" or "to"). [1/2 definitions]
apologist a person who argues in defense or justification of a doctrine, belief, action, or the like, usu. in writing or a speech.
challenge a calling into question; demand for justification. [1/7 definitions]
deservedly with justification; rightly.
excuse to serve as partial or complete justification for; extenuate. [1/11 definitions]
explanation a clarification or justification, often of behavior, that is aimed at bringing two persons or sides together. [1/3 definitions]
gratuitous given or done without sufficient reason or justification; unwarranted. [1/2 definitions]
invoke to appeal or refer to as an authority, for support or justification. [1/4 definitions]
Lutheran a follower of Martin Luther or his religious teachings, esp. the doctrine of justification by faith. [1/3 definitions]
plead to present as defense, excuse, or justification. [1/5 definitions]
predicate to use as a foundation or justification for a statement, belief, or course of action (usu. fol. by on). [1/7 definitions]
raison d'état reason of state (French); a political or diplomatic justification or reason.
raison d'être (French) reason or justification for existence.
rationale an argument, statement, or sequence of logical steps amounting to an explanation or justification. [1/2 definitions]
self-styled so specified, named, or characterized by oneself, esp. without right or justification.
unwarranted without justification; undeserved.
vindication that which vindicates, as proof or justification. [1/2 definitions]
warrant justification on reasonable grounds. [2/9 definitions]