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Chocolate Tang any member of a species of fishes found in the tropical waters of Southeast Asia which are yellow as a juvenile and become primarily gray and brown with multi-colored accents as an adult, also called Lemon Peel Mimic.
delinquency see juvenile delinquency. [1/3 definitions]
delinquent one who is delinquent, esp. a juvenile lawbreaker. [1/4 definitions]
detention home a place where juvenile offenders are held in custody, esp. while awaiting a court's disposition of their cases.
immature not yet fully developed or mature; juvenile. [1/2 definitions]
jejune childish, juvenile, or unsophisticated. [1/3 definitions]
juvenile characteristic of or appropriate for a juvenile person. [1/4 definitions]
juvenile delinquency antisocial or criminal behavior by a juvenile person, which often warrants legal action.
training school an institution for juvenile offenders that provides vocational training and rehabilitation. [1/2 definitions]