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deck (informal) to knock to the floor or ground; knock down. [1/6 definitions]
down1 to knock over; cause to fall. [1/21 definitions]
duckpin (pl. but used with a sing. verb) a bowling game in which players try to knock down duckpins with small, hard balls. [1/2 definitions]
ethyl a fluid containing tetraethyl lead and other substances, used in gasoline to reduce engine knock. [1/3 definitions]
flatten to knock down. [1/3 definitions]
floor to knock to the floor. [1/9 definitions]
jar2 to deal a solid knock or blow to (something) with resulting vibration or pain. [1/9 definitions]
marble (pl., but used with a sing. verb) the game using such marbles, in which each player shoots with the back of the thumb in an effort to knock the other players' marbles out of a circle drawn on the ground. [1/7 definitions]
parry to deflect or knock aside (a blow or stroke), as with one's weapon in fencing. [2/5 definitions]
rap1 to strike something with a quick, hard blow; knock. [2/9 definitions]
raze to knock down or tear down (a structure); level.
roquet to knock (one's croquet ball) against another ball. [1/2 definitions]
stop in boxing, to knock out or otherwise prevent (one's opponent) from continuing. [1/18 definitions]
tackle in football, to knock or throw down a member of the opposing team who is carrying the ball. [1/7 definitions]
tetraethyl lead a poisonous, colorless liquid compound of lead used chiefly in gasoline to improve combustion and reduce engine knock.
thud a blow, fall, knock, or the like that causes such a sound. [1/3 definitions]
thump a blow, knock, or the like that makes such a sound. [1/7 definitions]
zonk to knock out or stun. [1/3 definitions]