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acquaintance a person one has met but does not know well. [1/3 definitions]
agnostic one who believes it is impossible to know anything about the existence or nonexistence of God or about the essential nature of things beyond the material universe. [1/4 definitions]
ascertain to come to know (some information) with complete certainty, especially through a process of investigation; determine.
a tough nut to crack a person who is hard to understand, know well, or convince. [1/2 definitions]
clairvoyant possessing the ability to see or know things that are beyond the five senses. [1/2 definitions]
curiosity the desire to learn or know. [1/2 definitions]
curious eager to learn or know. [1/3 definitions]
divine to see or know by intuition or inspired guess. [1/12 definitions]
doodad (informal) a term used for a small object or gadget for which one does not know or cannot remember the name; dingus; contraption. [1/2 definitions]
doohickey (informal) a tool or gadget for which one does not know or remember the name; thingamajig.
expect to know or feel sure of in advance; believe certain or likely to happen. [1/6 definitions]
experience to undergo or encounter; feel or know. [1/6 definitions]
foreknow to know before the existence or occurrence of.
foresee to know or realize beforehand; predict or expect. [1/2 definitions]
intuit to know or apprehend directly, without a process of logical thought.
je ne sais quoi I don't know what (French); an indefinable quality.
knew past tense of know.
known past participle of know. [1/3 definitions]
mind reader one who professes or is said to have the ability to know what another is thinking without any conventional means of communication.
omniscient possessing great knowledge; seeming to know everything. [1/3 definitions]
perception the ability to perceive or know through the senses. [1/3 definitions]