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closed shop a factory or business that agrees, through a contract with a labor union, to employ only members of that union. [1/2 definitions]
craft union a labor union whose members are workers in the same craft or trade.
industrial union a labor union that represents the workers in an entire industry rather than only those engaged in one craft or a related group of crafts.
laborite (sometimes cap.) a member or supporter of a labor union, a labor movement, or apro-labor group or political party.
labor party (sometimes cap.) a political party that advances the causes of labor or is controlled by labor unions.
minimum wage the lowest wage that an employer can pay an employee according to law or labor union agreement.
nonunion not belonging to, following the rules of, or recognizing a labor union. [2/3 definitions]
organize to enlist the workers of (a business) into a labor union. [1/6 definitions]
organized joined together into an effective group or movement, esp. a labor union. [1/3 definitions]
scab someone who works in place of a striking employee or refuses to join or support the actions of a labor union. [1/6 definitions]
syndicalism a radical political movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries supporting labor union control of all industry and the dissolving of governmental authority.
trade union a labor union consisting of workers who are skilled in a particular craft or trade, esp. as distinguished from a union for workers in a given company or industry.
union card a card that identifies a person as a member of a specific labor union.
unorganized of workers, not belonging to a labor union. [1/2 definitions]
yellow-dog contract an employment contract, now illegal, in which an employee agrees not to remain in or join a labor union.