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Agnus Dei a lamb as a symbol of Jesus Christ; Lamb of God. [1/2 definitions]
Bedlington terrier one of a breed of dog that has a blue or reddish brown thick fleecy coat, and that resembles a lamb when groomed.
broadtail the wavy, glossy black pelt of a newborn or stillborn karakul lamb.
cosset a pet lamb or any pet. [1/2 definitions]
crown roast a roast of pork, lamb, or the like formed as a circle of rib chops, tied upright and often capped with paper or foil frills.
fatling a young domestic animal such as a calf or lamb, fattened for slaughter.
galyak a flat, glossy fur made from lamb or kid pelts.
gigot a leg of mutton, lamb, veal, or the like.
haricot a highly seasoned stew made of mutton or lamb and vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, and lima beans. [1/2 definitions]
karakul the pelt of a karakul lamb; caracul. [1/2 definitions]
lamb to give birth to a lamb. [1/5 definitions]
lambkin a little lamb. [1/2 definitions]
lambskin a lamb hide, esp. dressed with the fleece and used for clothing. [2 definitions]
mint jelly a jelly with mint flavoring, usu. served with lamb.
moussaka a Greek casserole consisting of layers of eggplant and ground meat, esp. lamb, baked with white sauce and cheese.
mutton the meat of a mature sheep, as distinguished from lamb.
paschal lamb in ancient Judaism, a lamb eaten at the feast of the Passover. [1/2 definitions]
Persian lamb the silky, tightly curled black or gray pelt of a lamb of the karakul sheep of Asia, used in the making of fur coats and hats.
rack6 the rib or neck cut of lamb, veal, or the like.
shashlik cubes of lamb or veal, marinated and broiled on a skewer, often with vegetables; shish kebab.
shish kebab a dish consisting of meat, esp. lamb, and vegetables impaled on a skewer, seasoned, and broiled or roasted.