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bullwhip a long rawhide whip with a plaited lash and a knotted end. [1/2 definitions]
horsewhip to lash or flog with or as if with a horsewhip. [1/2 definitions]
knout to lash using a knout. [1/2 definitions]
lashing1 a whipping, flogging, or other beating with or as if with a lash. [1/3 definitions]
stripe2 a stroke or lash made with a whip or similar object, usu. inflicted as punishment.
whip to strike or beat with quick, repeated strokes with a long slender strap, rod, or the like; lash. [3/13 definitions]
whiplash the long, thin, flexible part of a whip; lash. [1/2 definitions]
whipping cord or twine used to lash or bind. [1/3 definitions]