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address a formal speech, lecture, or other communication. [1/9 definitions]
earful a scolding lecture or harangue. [1/2 definitions]
lecture to present a lecture. [1/4 definitions]
preachment a tedious or unwelcome sermon, moral lecture, or the like.
sermon an extended speech to instruct or scold; lecture. [1/2 definitions]
sermonize to exhort or lecture, as if preaching to (someone). [1/2 definitions]
speak to deliver a speech, address, or lecture. [1/8 definitions]
syllabus an outline of the contents of a curriculum, lecture series, text, or the like.
talk to give a speech; lecture. [2/14 definitions]
travelogue a film or illustrated lecture showing the pleasures of travel in some region or country.
turnout the number of people who appear at a meeting, lecture, or the like, or who participate in an event such as an election. [1/4 definitions]