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actionable providing legitimate grounds for legal action.
fair1 according to the rules; legitimate. [1/12 definitions]
fair game any likely, legitimate, or logical object of attack, mockery, or pursuit. [1/2 definitions]
illegitimate not legitimate; unlawful. [1/6 definitions]
launder to conceal the source of (money obtained illegally) by channeling it through an intermediary such as a foreign bank, a legitimate business, or a business created solely for such a purpose. [1/5 definitions]
legit (slang) legitimate.
legitimacy the state or fact of being legitimate.
legitimate to legitimize, esp. to deem (a child born out of wedlock) to be legitimate. [1/6 definitions]
legitimatize to legitimate; legitimize.
legitimist one who supports legitimate authority, esp. that of a claim to a throne based on hereditary right.
legitimize to deem (a child born out of wedlock) to be legitimate. [1/3 definitions]
revolution the internal, usu. forcible, overthrow of a political system or legitimate government. [1/5 definitions]
rightful having a legal or legitimate claim. [2/3 definitions]
Shiite a member of the Shiah sect of Islam, which does not accept the Sunna as authoritative and considers Muhammad's son-in-law Ali to be the legitimate successor to Muhammad. (Cf. Sunnite.)
true legitimate, rightful, or lawful. [1/13 definitions]