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allow to permit; let; [1/4 definitions]
blow over to subside; let up.
dangle to let hang or swing loosely; cause to dangle. [1/3 definitions]
dilapidate to let (something) go to ruin or decay, as by neglect, or to become ruined or decayed.
dishevel to undo and let fall loosely (hair or clothing). [1/2 definitions]
droop to let droop. [1/4 definitions]
drop to let fall. [1/17 definitions]
flag stop a place where a commercial passenger vehicle stops only if signaled, or stops to let off passengers.
get out to leave or be let out (often followed by of). [1/2 definitions]
leak to let pass through an accidental opening. [1/10 definitions]
lease to contract for the use or occupation of (one's property) for a specified period of time and usu. in return for rent or other compensation; let or rent. [1/5 definitions]
leave1 to let remain in a particular place, either on purpose or by accident. [2/10 definitions]
let's1 contracted form of "let us".
loose to release from constraint or obligation; let loose. [2/15 definitions]
lower1 to cause to move to a position below; let down. [1/9 definitions]
no-hitter a baseball game in which a pitcher does not let the opposing team score any hits.
Pandora in Greek mythology, the first woman, who, when she opened the lid of a box out of curiosity, let all the evils out into the world.
release to unfasten or let go of. [1/9 definitions]
relinquish to surrender, release, or let go of; give up.
sea anchor a large canvas-covered, often conical frame that is let out as a float or drag to prevent a ship from drifting off course or to keep it headed into the wind.
shed2 to cast off, take off, or let fall (a covering or growth). [3/7 definitions]