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anarchism a theory that advocates the abolition of all forms of government as a necessary step towards achieving political and social liberty. [1/2 definitions]
Commonwealthmen group of British thinkers and reformers whose ideas of republicanism, civic virtue, and liberty had an influence on the leaders of the American Revolution.
freedom liberty from imprisonment or enslavement. [2/9 definitions]
inalienable rights fundamental rights that cannot be removed, surrendered, or transferred to another person. The Declaration of Independence identifies "life, liberty, and the pursuit of independence" as inalienable rights.
liberal one who adheres to a progressive political philosophy, which favors government promotion of social change and the primacy of individual liberty. (Cf. conservative.) [1/8 definitions]
libertarian one who espouses liberty of thought and action as the primary value. [1/3 definitions]
natural rights basic rights, such as life and liberty, that are considered inherent rights of all human beings.
play liberty for unhindered action or thought. [1/20 definitions]
restrain to take away the freedom or liberty of. [1/3 definitions]
restraint a condition of being confined or deprived of liberty. [1/4 definitions]
shore leave permission granted to a ship's crew for onshore recreation, or the actual time spent ashore; liberty.
Statue of Liberty a huge copper statue of a woman representing liberty, given to the United States by France and situated on an island in the New York City harbor.