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accession to catalogue in order of acquiring, as in a library or museum. [1/5 definitions]
athenaeum a reading room or library. [1/2 definitions]
bookmobile a mobile lending library, housed in a bus, van, or the like.
carrel a cubicle large enough for one reader, often in or near the stacks of a library.
catalog a systematic, usu. annotated, list of book titles, merchandise, or the like that is available in or from a source such as a library, retail store, or mail order merchandiser. [1/5 definitions]
checkout the act or place of checking out items, as at a supermarket or library. [1/4 definitions]
circulating library see lending library. [2 definitions]
computer lab a room providing access to numerous computers, typically found in a school, library, government institution, or private company. Use of a computer lab is free in public institutions and also in private institutions when one has authorization.
curator one who oversees the activities and tends the collections of a museum, library, or the like.
ex libris from the library of (the inscription on a bookplate preceding the name of the owner).
interlibrary combined form of library.
lending library a library that lends out books for use elsewhere, sometimes charging a small fee; circulating library.
librarian a person trained to work in a library, or who maintains a particular collection of books.
Library of Congress the national library of the United States, originally established by Congress for its members' use, but now serving the public and registering national and international copyright information.
library science the study of library organization, operation, services, and management.
mine2 to search in and make use of (a library, reading material, or the like). [1/9 definitions]
reading room a room, esp. designated for reading or quiet study as in a library.
reference library a library, or part of a library, containing books that must be used on the premises.
stack (usu. pl.) a large high set of bookshelves, or the section of a library where the books are stored. [1/9 definitions]