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accident-prone tending or likely to have more than the average number or rate of accidents.
adhesive able or likely to adhere; clinging; sticky. [1/2 definitions]
appear to be likely to be true or to have happened. [1/5 definitions]
apt likely. [1/4 definitions]
at swords' points mutually hostile and likely to engage in combat; antagonistic.
auspicious likely to be followed by favorable events.
bargaining chip something that can be used in negotiating or making deals, esp. if likely to yield an advantage.
brush fire a sudden outbreak of some threatening activity, as in a military situation, that is likely to spread if it is not controlled. [1/2 definitions]
calculated done or made after carefully estimating the likely result. [1/2 definitions]
candidate one who seems likely to achieve or suffer a particular end. [1/2 definitions]
changeable capable of changing; likely to change; variable; inconstant; fickle. [1/2 definitions]
collectible likely to be collected, as by a connoisseur or hobbyist. [2 definitions]
contingency a future event that is possible but not likely. [1/3 definitions]
contingent likely to happen, but not certain. [1/4 definitions]
crackly tending or likely to crackle; crisp.
creaky making or likely to make a creaking noise. [1/2 definitions]
crumbly likely to crumble; easily broken, esp. into crumbs.
cui bono the legal principle that the responsibility for a certain act is likely to lie with one who had something to gain as a result of that act. [1/2 definitions]
dangerous likely to cause or permit harm; full of risks; unsafe.
deathless likely to survive or be admired for a long time (sometimes ironic in intent). [1/2 definitions]
determinative able, likely, or acting to determine. [1/2 definitions]