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ad infinitum to infinity; without limit or end; endlessly.
art. abbreviation of "article," in grammar, the words "a," "an," and "the," which are used with nouns and act to limit the nouns' applications. (See "definite article," "indefinite article.")
article in grammar, the words "a," "an," and "the" as well as words equivalent to these in languages other than English, which are used with nouns and act to limit the nouns' applications. (See "definite article," "indefinite article.") [1/4 definitions]
at the end of one's tether at the utmost limit of one's strength, resources, or abilities.
at the outside at the absolute limit.
bottomless without apparent limit; fathomless; endless. [1/3 definitions]
bound3 anything that serves as a limit or restriction. [3/4 definitions]
bulge to be filled to the limit. [1/4 definitions]
cap1 an upper limit. [1/9 definitions]
ceiling the uppermost limit. [1/3 definitions]
chock-full filled to the limit; stuffed.
chuck-full full to the limit; chock-full.
compass a boundary or limit, or the space or scope included within it. [1/9 definitions]
confine to limit within certain bounds; restrict. [2/3 definitions]
constrict to block or limit the natural course of. [1/3 definitions]
curb to limit or restrain; check. [1/4 definitions]
cutoff a prescribed terminal point or limit. [1/5 definitions]
diet1 to limit or select one's own intake of food to improve health or lose weight. [1/6 definitions]
diverge to have infinity as a limit, as a mathematical series or sequence. [1/4 definitions]
draw the line to set a limit on what is allowed.
end a point or area at or adjacent to an extremity, often serving as a boundary or limit. [2/18 definitions]