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ancestry line of descent; lineage. [1/3 definitions]
blue blood noble, aristocratic, or socially prominent lineage. [2 definitions]
extraction a person's origin or lineage. [1/3 definitions]
kin of the same lineage; related through being of the same family. [1/4 definitions]
meritocracy a system in which people attain power, influence, and wealth because of their intellectual abilities rather than because of their class status or family lineage.
parentage descent from parents and ancestors; lineage. [1/2 definitions]
purebred bred from animals whose pure lineage can be documented. [1/2 definitions]
stock ancestral background; lineage. [1/17 definitions]
strain2 any of various ancestries within a family or individual; lineage. [1/4 definitions]
tree a chart that illustrates family lineage. [1/5 definitions]