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bookmark in computing, a user's stored link to a previously visited location on the Internet, often displayed on-screen as a menu item or icon. [1/2 definitions]
bridge1 to form a connecting link over or between. [1/6 definitions]
catenate to link together in a chain or series; concatenate.
concatenate to link in a series or chain. [1/2 definitions]
connect to join together; link. [1/4 definitions]
crankpin a bar or cylindrical pin positioned in a crank and having a connecting rod or link attached.
cyclone fence a strong chain-link fence, usu. high and topped with barbed wire, used around military bases, prisons, and the like.
French cuff a wide cuff on the sleeve of a shirt or blouse that is folded back and fastened with a cuff link.
interlink to link together; interconnect.
knit to make by using either long, hand-held needles or a machine to link together loops of yarn. [2/9 definitions]
liaison a communication link between groups or between parts of an organization, or a person or group that performs this function. [1/3 definitions]
link to join or unite by a link or connection. [1/6 definitions]
linkup something serving as a link. [1/2 definitions]
nexus a connection or link between individuals of a series or group. [1/2 definitions]
relink combined form of link.
tie-in a connection, link, or relationship. [1/3 definitions]
tie line a connecting link between two principal lines, such as telephone or power lines.
yoke to unite or link; connect. [1/9 definitions]