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calypso an orchid that bears a pinkish flower having a slipper-shaped lip. [1/3 definitions]
cypripedium any of various ground-rooted orchids that have flat leaves and bear flowers having pouchlike lip petals, such as the lady's-slipper. [1/2 definitions]
flue pipe an organ pipe in which sound is produced by a current of air that vibrates as it strikes the lip of an opening in the side of the pipe; flue.
fringed polygala a perennial plant found in eastern North America, bearing reddish purple flowers with a fringed lower lip.
harelip a congenital split in the lip, usu. the upper one.
imperial2 a small, pointed beard grown on the lower lip and chin.
labio- lip.
labiodental articulated with the upper lip and lower front teeth touching, as the sounds in English of "f" and "v". [1/2 definitions]
labium a lip or liplike structure in a living organism, such as the folds of skin around the vulva or one of the divisions in the corollas of certain plants.
labrum a lip or liplike structure, esp. the front or upper lip of an arthropod. [1/2 definitions]
lady's-slipper any of various related orchids that bear flowers with a protruding, inflated lip that somewhat resembles a woman's slipper.
lip of or pertaining to a lip or lips. [1/5 definitions]
lipless combined form of lip.
lipped having lips or a lip, often of a specified type.
lip-read to perform lip reading. [1/2 definitions]
mustache the hair that grows on a human's upper lip, esp. when it is allowed to grow and is groomed. [1/2 definitions]
personate2 in botany, having a two-lipped corolla with the throat nearly closed by the lower lip. [1/2 definitions]
philtrum the vertical groove between the upper lip and the nose.
scuttle1 a coal pail with a wide lip or spout.
sneer to smile or move one's mouth in a scornful way, esp. by curling the upper lip. [1/5 definitions]
whisker (usu. pl.) facial hair growing on the upper lip, cheeks, and chin. [1/3 definitions]