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album a collection of printed pictures, or a collection of musical or literary selections that are printed or recorded. [1/3 definitions]
Attic the dialect of classical Attica and Athens, and the literary language of that time. [1/4 definitions]
aureate splendid, brilliant, or ornate, sometimes affectedly, as an overly artificial literary style. [1/2 definitions]
Beat Generation (sometimes l.c.) used to characterize some members of the generation that reached maturity in the late 1950s, esp. in the United States, who were alienated from conventional society and who promoted experimentation in artistic and literary forms.
bluestocking a learned woman, esp. an intellectual and literary one.
book a literary work such as a novel or volume of poetry. [1/12 definitions]
bookish literary or pedantic in tone or style. [1/3 definitions]
cacophony in literary or musical composition, a discordant or unharmonious combination of sounds used for special effect. [1/2 definitions]
Caledonia a literary name for Scotland.
classic (pl.) writers or literary works of ancient Greece or Rome. [1/8 definitions]
climax in a literary or dramatic work, the point at which a conflict reaches a crucial juncture. [1/5 definitions]
clime in literary use, a region of the earth, or the typical weather conditions thereof.
counterplot a minor plot, as in a literary work or play. [1/4 definitions]
critic a person whose work is to write evaluations of literary, artistic, or other cultural works. [1/3 definitions]
criticism the art of making skilled and detailed observations on literary, artistic, or scholarly works. [1/4 definitions]
cycle a series of literary or musical works on a central theme. [1/7 definitions]
dada (sometimes cap.) a primarily European literary and artistic period of the early twentieth century characterized by cynicism, anarchy, and a rejection of convention.
dialogue a literary work in the form of a discussion between persons. [1/5 definitions]
digest a collection of literary works, scientific abstracts, news items, or the like, esp. in an abridged form. [1/8 definitions]
Edda either of two early Icelandic literary works, one a collection of religious and mythological poems, and the other a summary of Norse mythology and a manual on poetry.
epigraph a pertinent quotation or motto, esp. found at the beginning of a literary work or of a chapter. [1/2 definitions]