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antilitter combined form of litter.
clutter to fill or litter with an untidy assortment of things. [2/3 definitions]
farrow1 a litter of pigs. [3 definitions]
flotsam discarded items; litter. [1/2 definitions]
handbarrow a flat frame or litter with pairs of handles at each end by which it can be carried by two people.
jetsam discarded or abandoned objects generally; litter. [1/3 definitions]
kindle2 to give birth, esp. to a litter of rabbits or kittens. [2 definitions]
litter to give birth to a litter. [1/11 definitions]
runt an undersized or stunted animal, esp. the smallest of a litter, as of pigs or dogs. [1/2 definitions]
stretcher a litter, usu. consisting of canvas over a wooden frame, for the purpose of transporting injured, sick, or dying persons. [1/3 definitions]