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ecesis the establishment of an immigrant plant or animal in a new locality or environment.
endemic something peculiar to a locality, such as a plant or animal, or a disease. [1/2 definitions]
epidemic spreading rapidly to a great many individuals in a locality, as a contagious disease. [1/4 definitions]
home the nation, country, or locality where one resides or where one was raised. [1/16 definitions]
indigenous having origin in a country or locality; native (usu. fol. by to).
locale a place, esp. as the setting of some event; locality. [1/2 definitions]
localism an excessively strong identification with or promotion of one's locality. [1/2 definitions]
local option the right to decide by vote whether something controversial, such as the sale of liquor, shall be allowed in a certain locality.
locus a locality or place. [1/3 definitions]
poet laureate any poet honored for excellence by a particular locality, state, or nation. [1/2 definitions]
private debt within a country or locality, the total amount of money owed to creditors by individuals, businesses, and nongovernmental organizations.
spot an area or locality. [1/13 definitions]
stranger a newcomer to a region or locality. [1/4 definitions]
wage scale a schedule of the wages paid to workers in a given industry or locality, or paid by a given employer.