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advertise to try to locate something by placing a notice or advertisement before the public (usu. fol. by "for"). [1/4 definitions]
Cartesian coordinates three coordinates that locate a point in space by its distances from three intersecting, mutually perpendicular planes. [1/2 definitions]
echolocation the process by which animals such as bats locate objects by emitting sounds and hearing them echoed. [1/2 definitions]
headquarter to locate or situate (an organization, army division, or the like) with a headquarters in a specified location.
look up to search for and locate (information), as in a reference book.
look-up in computing, the capacity to search for and locate information in an electronic database. [1/2 definitions]
metal detector a device that detects and signals the presence of metal objects and is used to discover concealed weapons at a security point or locate buried coins and the like.
relocate to locate or move again. [1/3 definitions]
site to position, place, or locate in or on. [1/4 definitions]
situate to put in a particular place or position; place or locate.