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address to write the details of location on, for delivery. [1/9 definitions]
adjourn to transfer proceedings to another location. [1/3 definitions]
alibi the legal defense of establishing one's location away from the scene of a crime during its commission. [1/4 definitions]
aloft in or toward a high location.
alt.2 abbreviation of "altitude," the height of a given object or location above a specified base, such as sea level or earth, esp. the angular distance of a celestial body, measured from the horizon.
altitude the height of a given object or location above a specified base, such as sea level or earth. [1/4 definitions]
anatomize to dissect (a plant or animal) in order to examine in detail the structure or location of various parts. [1/2 definitions]
at1 on or in the location of. [1/5 definitions]
backbone anything similar to a backbone in location, function, support, or appearance. [1/3 definitions]
back up to create and store a copy of (a computer file), often in a separate location, in case the original is damaged or lost.
barber pole a pole or cylinder with red and white spiral stripes, by which barbers indicate the location of their shops.
belong to have a specific, proper, or appropriate location. [1/4 definitions]
black market the location of such transactions. [1/2 definitions]
bookmark in computing, a user's stored link to a previously visited location on the Internet, often displayed on-screen as a menu item or icon. [1/2 definitions]
breech the back part of a gun barrel, esp. the location of the loading mechanism and chamber. [1/3 definitions]
buoy a float attached by line to the bottom of a body of water to mark a location. [1/5 definitions]
capital1 pertaining to the official location of a state or national government. [1/10 definitions]
caption in law, the part of a legal document where the time, date, location, and authority of its execution are indicated. [1/4 definitions]
cenotaph a monument in memory of a dead person who is buried at a different location.
centerpiece an ornament or decoration occupying a central location, esp. the center of a dining table.
chloroplast a small oval green bit of protoplasm that contains chlorophyll and is the location of photosynthesis.