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armlock a wrestling hold in which one uses an arm and hand to lock an opponent's arm at the elbow.
chest a durable box with a lid and often with a lock, used for storage or shipping. [1/4 definitions]
combination a series of numbers used to open a lock. [1/3 definitions]
combination lock a lock operated by turning a dial to a set series of numbers or letters.
elflock a lock of hair that is tangled, as if by elves.
fasten to close firmly or secure, as with a clasp, lock, buttons, or buckle. [1/8 definitions]
forelock1 a lock or tuft of hair that grows on or above the forehead, esp. on a horse.
harquebus a long, portable gun ignited by a matchlock or wheel lock, dating from the fifteenth century.
hasp a slotted fastener that fits over a staple and is held in place by a pin or lock slipped through the staple, used esp. on doors and lidded containers. [1/2 definitions]
Indian wrestling a wrestling contest in which two people lie on their backs side by side, but facing in opposite directions, raise and lock their respective near legs, and attempt to force the opponent's leg to the ground. [1/3 definitions]
keyhole a hole in a lock for inserting a key to lock and unlock it.
latch a fastening or lock, as for a door, with a bar or bolt that falls or slides into a catch, slot, or hole. [2 definitions]
lock1 to make secure by means of a lock. [1/10 definitions]
locket a small metal case in which a picture, lock of hair, or other keepsake may be placed, usu. worn on a chain around the neck.
locknut a nut designed to lock itself. [1/2 definitions]
night latch a door lock that can be opened by a knob from the inside but that requires a key to open it from the outside.
padlock a portable lock for fastening doors, boxes, cables, and the like. [1/2 definitions]
pickproof of a lock, designed so that it is impossible to pick.
pillory to lock up and exhibit in a pillory. [1/3 definitions]
ringlet a curly lock of hair.
selvage the plate of a lock through which a bolt moves. [1/3 definitions]