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accommodate to provide food or lodging or both for. [1/6 definitions]
accommodation (usu. pl.) food and lodging, or lodging alone. [1/6 definitions]
B and B abbreviation of "Bed and Breakfast," an establishment offering lodging and breakfast, or the bed and breakfast thus offered. [1/2 definitions]
billet1 nonmilitary lodging assigned to troops, esp. in a private home. [3/6 definitions]
board daily meals, esp. in combination with rented lodging. [2/9 definitions]
cadge to cajole others into providing one's meals, lodging, or transportation. [1/2 definitions]
canton to assign lodging to (soldiers, troops, or the like); billet; quarter. [1/3 definitions]
dislodge to move from a lodging or established position. [1/2 definitions]
encamp to set up, or take lodging in, a camp. [1/2 definitions]
freeload (informal) to take food, lodging, entertainment, or the like at someone else's expense and usu. to his or her disadvantage.
gatehouse a house built next to or over a gate, often used as a keeper's lodging. [1/2 definitions]
hospice a place of shelter or lodging for travelers, orphans, the poor, or the like, often administered by a religious order. [1/2 definitions]
hospitable friendly, warm, and generous, esp. in welcoming, feeding, and lodging guests. [1/3 definitions]
host1 a person who provides hospitality such as food, entertainment, or lodging for guests. [1/5 definitions]
hostel to use hostels for lodging while traveling. [1/3 definitions]
hotel a commercial establishment that provides overnight lodging, meals, and other services.
housing a shelter or dwelling; lodging. [1/4 definitions]
indentured servant a person who is bound to work without pay in the service of another for a specified length of time, esp. in exchange for the cost of travel, food, and lodging.
lodgment the act of lodging or condition of being lodged. [2/3 definitions]
quarter (pl.) a place of lodging, esp. temporary. [1/15 definitions]
reservation (often pl.) arrangements made in advance, usu. to secure travel, overnight lodging, or a table in a restaurant. [1/4 definitions]