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A.D. abbreviation of "anno Domini" (Latin); in the year of the Lord, or since the birth of Jesus Christ (used in designating dates).
alleluia praise the Lord. [1/2 definitions]
anno Domini (Latin) in the year of the Lord (often abbreviated "A.D.")
fealty the loyalty pledged by a vassal to a feudal lord and considered as binding. [1/2 definitions]
feudal of, concerning, or similar to feudalism, in which a landholding lord granted land to vassals on condition of their serving him. [1/2 definitions]
fief a landholding granted by a lord to a vassal in a feudal system.
fiefdom the domain of a lord under the system of feudalism. [1/2 definitions]
homage a formal, public pledge of allegiance to a feudal lord by a tenant or vassal. [1/2 definitions]
Kyrie eleison Lord, have mercy (Greek); a supplication or invocation that is part of many liturgies in the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches. [1/2 definitions]
liege a feudal lord or sovereign entitled to allegiance and service. [4 definitions]
lordly befitting a lord; noble; grand. [1/2 definitions]
lordship (often cap.) a title used in speaking to or referring to a lord, or, in Great Britain, to a judge (usu. prec. by your or his). [2 definitions]
Oliver Cromwell an English revolutionary general and the Lord Protector of England in 1653-58 (b.1599--d.1658).
palatine a medieval lord with sovereign control over a particular area. [1/5 definitions]
ronin a feudal Japanese soldier, no longer in the service of a lord but operating independently, often as a wandering bandit.
seigneur (sometimes cap.) a man of rank, esp. a feudal lord. [1/2 definitions]
seignior a noble or lord, esp. one in feudal times who controlled a fief.
thane in England before the Norman Conquest, a freeman who was granted land by the king or a lord in return for military service. [2 definitions]
vassal in the Middle Ages, one who was granted the use of land in return for allegiance and service to a feudal lord. [1/2 definitions]
villein in the feudal system, one who was a serf to his lord but had the rights and legal status of a freeman otherwise.