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bd. ft. abbreviation of "board foot," or "board feet," a unit of measure for lumber, equal to one foot square and one inch thick.
board a flat, cut piece of lumber; plank. [1/9 definitions]
board foot a unit of measure for lumber, equal to one foot square and one inch thick.
cherry any of various trees and shrubs of the rose family grown for their ornamental flowers, their sweet or sour fruit, and for lumber. [1/5 definitions]
cross-grained of lumber, having a grain that runs across or diagonally to the length. [1/2 definitions]
kiln a furnace or oven for burning lime, hardening pottery or brick, drying lumber, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
knot1 such a node at the point where a branch joins the trunk of a tree, or the cross-section of this node in lumber. [1/14 definitions]
knothole a hole in a piece of lumber from which a knot has come out.
log1 to cut down, trim, and transport trees for lumber. [1/7 definitions]
lumber1 to cut trees for commercial use as lumber. [1/3 definitions]
lumberjack someone employed to cut down trees and deliver them to a lumber mill; logger.
lumberman a person who buys and sells lumber; lumber dealer. [2 definitions]
lumberyard a place where lumber is stacked and offered for sale.
mill1 a factory or establishment that converts raw materials into basic products such as steel, textiles, paper, or lumber. [2/9 definitions]
pin oak either of two tall oak trees of the eastern United States that are valued for their lumber and as shade trees.
red cedar the wood of such trees, valued as lumber. [1/2 definitions]
sawmill a building or plant in which lumber is cut into boards, planks, or the like.
scantling a small piece of wood or lumber, esp. an upright piece in the frame of a house. [2 definitions]
Scotch pine a hardy pine, native to Europe and Asia, that is grown for lumber and as a Christmas tree.
season to dry or cure (lumber) until hardened and usable. [1/8 definitions]
seasoned made fit for use as lumber through a process of drying and hardening. [1/3 definitions]