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adagio in dance, a slow lyrical duet or trio involving difficult lifts and turns. [1/4 definitions]
cantabile flowing and songlike; lyrical (used as a musical direction). [1/2 definitions]
cantilena a simple lyrical passage in vocal or instrumental music.
ode a long, elaborate, usu. rhymed lyrical poem, often in praise or celebration of something or someone, and usu. in a lofty and enthusiastic style. [1/2 definitions]
rondeau a short lyrical poem of French origin that consists of three stanzas with an unrhymed opening phrase recurring as a refrain. [1/3 definitions]
song a lyrical verse; poetry. [1/4 definitions]
Song of Solomon a book of the Old Testament, once attributed to King Solomon, that contains a collection of dramatic and lyrical love poems and has been the subject of many allegorical interpretations; Song of Songs; Canticle of Canticles.
unlyrical combined form of lyrical.