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addressee one to whom mail is addressed.
airmail of, pertaining to, or intended for use with mail sent by air. [3/5 definitions]
armor a suit of leather or mail, formerly used to protect the body in warfare. [1/5 definitions]
attached designating an additional document or documents enclosed with a letter or e-mail. [2/4 definitions]
bar code a set of vertical bars of varying widths containing coded information that can be read by an optical scanner, usu. printed on the labels of consumer goods, on mail, and the like. (Cf. Universal Product Code.)
catalog a systematic, usu. annotated, list of book titles, merchandise, or the like that is available in or from a source such as a library, retail store, or mail order merchandiser. [1/5 definitions]
certified mail a postal service that, for a fee, guarantees the delivery of first-class uninsured mail by requiring the addressee to sign for it. [2 definitions]
chaise a four-wheeled coach used for rapid transport of mail and passengers in former times; post chaise. [1/3 definitions]
correspondence school a school that mails study materials and examinations to its students, who return them by mail to the school for grading.
e-mail the practice or system by which messages may be typed into one computer terminal and sent by telephone, cable, or wireless to another computer terminal; electronic mail. [4 definitions]
fan club an organization of fans of a particular entertainer, sports team, or other famous entity. Members of a fan club are primarily linked by mail or e-mail.
first class the most speedily delivered and highest priced class of regular U.S. mail, consisting of letters and parcels that may be sealed against inspection, and postcards. [1/3 definitions]
forward to send (mail) on, esp. to the addressee's new address. [1/13 definitions]
fourth-class as fourth-class mail; parcel post. [1/2 definitions]
frank1 the privilege of sending mail free of postage. [4/7 definitions]
general delivery mail held at the post office for pickup. [2 definitions]
habergeon a short, high-necked, and usu. sleeveless coat of mail. [1/2 definitions]
hauberk a tunic of chain mail, reaching to the knees and worn for protection in battle in the Middle Ages.
indicia graphic marks or designs on mail that indicate that postage has been paid. [1/2 definitions]
junk mail unsolicited mail, usu. in the form of advertisements or requests for monetary contributions.
letter a written message, usu. sent through the mail. [1/6 definitions]