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adhere to maintain loyalty or support (usu. fol. by "to"). [1/3 definitions]
affirm to firmly declare (something), or to state or maintain (something) as true. [1/2 definitions]
air bladder an air-filled sac in various animals and plants, esp. such a structure located near the spine of certain fish that functions to maintain buoyancy by regulating hydrostatic pressure. (See swim bladder.)
apportion to assign, adjust, or distribute parts so as to maintain the proper proportion; allot.
argue to maintain or contend (often fol. by a clause). [1/5 definitions]
assert to defend or maintain. [1/3 definitions]
asylum an institution for the care of those who are unable to maintain themselves, such as orphans or the severely mentally ill. [1/3 definitions]
Balkanize (often l.c.) to divide up into mutually antagonistic political units too small to maintain their independence or autonomy effectively.
batten2 a thin, flexible length of wood or other material used to maintain flatness in a sail. [1/4 definitions]
booster shot an injection of an immunizing agent, given at some time after an original series of such injections, to maintain immunity.
cooler a machine or container designed to cool or maintain a state of coolness. [1/3 definitions]
defend to justify or give support to; maintain; uphold. [1/4 definitions]
enforce to maintain forcibly; stress. [1/3 definitions]
estrogen any of several female hormones that produce sexual heat and capability of pregnancy in most mammals, and that produce and maintain other female characteristics.
exercise mental or physical activity undertaken to maintain or increase ability or strength. [1/10 definitions]
exist to maintain one's being or survival; endure; survive. [1/3 definitions]
fast lane the lane on a highway or expressway where vehicles maintain higher speeds or pass other vehicles. [1/2 definitions]
field magnet a magnet used to produce and maintain a magnetic field in an electrical device such as a motor, generator, or particle accelerator.
geostationary of or pertaining to a satellite or spacecraft that travels around the earth's equator at a speed equal to the earth's rotation so as to maintain a constant relation to points on the earth's surface.
ground crew the persons that maintain and service aircraft on the ground.
gyroscope a device with a rotating wheel or disk, mounted on an axis that can turn freely in various or all directions, so that the wheel or disk can maintain a stable orientation in space despite any movement in its supports or surrounding parts.