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abaca a Philippine plant of the banana family that yields a fiber used in making rope.
acetone a chemical compound, highly volatile and flammable, used in making compounds and as a solvent, as in paints.
actively in a way that involves making an effort, taking action, or participating; not passively.
adulteration the act or process of adulterating, or making worse or impure by adding unnecessary or inferior ingredients. [1/3 definitions]
advertisement the act of making something widely known. [1/2 definitions]
advice remarks or an opinion offered as help in making a decision or in choosing a course of action; counsel.
ahead of making more progress or having more success than. [1/3 definitions]
alkali a soluble salt found in some soil composition, making it unfit for agriculture. [1/2 definitions]
ambergris a gray, waxy substance from the intestines of sperm whales, used in making perfume.
ammonia the pungent gas formed from the chemical combination of nitrogen and hydrogen, used esp. in refrigeration and in making fertilizers. [1/2 definitions]
amplification the process or result of making larger or greater. [1/4 definitions]
animation the making of animated cartoons. [1/4 definitions]
annihilation the act of abolishing or making null. [1/2 definitions]
anthill a mound produced by ants in making their nest.
anthracene a crystalline hydrocarbon derived from coal tar and used in making dyes and detecting radiation.
appease to cause to become calmer or less agitated, esp. by satisfying demands or making concessions; placate. [1/2 definitions]
appeasement the policy of making concessions to aggressors in order to keep the peace. [1/2 definitions]
arsenic acid a poisonous, water-soluble white powder that is used in the making of arsenates, medicines, and insecticides.
artificer a person skilled and artistic in making things with the hands; craftsperson. [1/2 definitions]
artificial intelligence the research in and development of computer programs or computers to initiate human thought processes such as reasoning or decision-making.
artisan a person skilled in making things, esp. with the hands; craftsperson.