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administer to manage, execute, or be in charge of. [1/5 definitions]
administrate to manage, handle or supervise; administer.
administrator a person appointed by a court of law to manage or oversee the estate of a deceased person. [1/2 definitions]
awkward difficult to use, deal with, or manage. [1/4 definitions]
bureaucratize to manage or control (a government or other large organization) using bureaucratic methods, or to introduce such methods in.
churchwarden in the Episcopal Church, one of two elected lay officers who manage the secular affairs of the church. [1/3 definitions]
circumvent to manage to avoid or evade, esp. by clever maneuvering. [1/2 definitions]
comanage combined form of manage.
conduct to manage and direct. [1/10 definitions]
contrive to manage, esp. by overcoming obstacles. [1/5 definitions]
difficult hard to please or manage. [1/3 definitions]
direct to guide the affairs or operation of; manage. [1/14 definitions]
docile obedient and easy to manage. [1/2 definitions]
economize to use or spend less of; manage thriftily. [1/2 definitions]
engineer to make, organize, or manage by skillful craft. [1/5 definitions]
estate agent (chiefly British) one whose job is to help clients buy, sell, lease, or manage real estate; real estate agent.
extemporize to do or manage with any means at hand. [1/5 definitions]
get along to survive or manage. [1/2 definitions]
hack1 (informal) to manage, succeed at, or cope with. [1/8 definitions]
handle to deal with; manage. [1/6 definitions]
keep to manage, maintain, attend to, or take care of. [1/14 definitions]