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administer to perform management duties. [1/5 definitions]
administrative of or pertaining to administration or management.
agronomy the study and application of scientific methods of soil management and field crop production; scientific agriculture.
antimanagement combined form of management.
banker1 an owner or employee of a bank, esp. in management. [1/2 definitions]
blind trust certain personal assets, such as stocks, placed under the confidential management of an independent trustee, as in an effort to avoid conflict of interest during one's term of public office. [1/2 definitions]
care maintenance or management in order that something remains in good condition. [1/11 definitions]
chain store one of a group of retail stores that are under the same ownership or central management system and that follow a uniform marketing policy.
collegium an administrative committee of equals, esp. one that formerly performed economic, political, or social management in the Soviet Union.
comanagement combined form of management.
district a division of territory made for the purpose of administration or management. [1/3 definitions]
economy the careful management of wealth, resources, and means of production. [1/5 definitions]
ethnobotany a branch of anthropology concerned with the cultural relationship between a people and their traditional use and management of plants.
finance the management of money or other assets, esp. those in the public treasury. [1/4 definitions]
front office the administrative office of a company or organization, or its executive officers or management.
giveback a reduction in workers' salaries, benefits, or rights agreed to by a union during labor negotiations in exchange for some other concession by management or in recognition of depressed economic conditions.
grievance committee a committee empowered to settle grievances, as between labor and management, according to formal procedures established by prior agreement.
guardian a legally appointed individual responsible for the care, management, and protection of the person and property of a minor. [1/3 definitions]
housekeeping the management of the full range of a household's activities. [1/3 definitions]
husbandry the careful, economical management of resources. [1/3 definitions]
labor the entire body of workers, esp. as distinguished from management. [1/9 definitions]