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barrel roll a maneuver in which an aircraft completes one spiral revolution around its lengthwise axis, without changing direction of flight.
berth the space needed by a ship to maneuver safely. [1/6 definitions]
caracole a horse rider's maneuver of a half turn to either side.
checkmate in the game of chess, a winning maneuver in which the opponent's king piece is brought under direct attack and from which escape is not possible. [2/3 definitions]
coup a brilliant and successful action or maneuver. [1/2 definitions]
démarche a move, countermove, tactic, or maneuver, esp. in diplomacy.
diversion a maneuver that turns the attention of one's opponent away from the main point of action, as in military strategy. [1/3 definitions]
fake in sports, to execute a misleading maneuver; feint. [2/8 definitions]
finesse a clever maneuver or trick. [1/3 definitions]
gambit a tactic or maneuver designed to gain an advantage, esp. one that involves some sacrifice on one's part. [1/3 definitions]
jockey to maneuver or move skillfully. [1/6 definitions]
loop a maneuver in which an airplane is flown in a circle on a vertical plane. [1/11 definitions]
maneuver to carry out a military maneuver or series of maneuvers. [1/8 definitions]
maneuverable combined form of maneuver.
obstruction a deliberate parliamentary maneuver to delay the conduct of business by a legislative body. [1/3 definitions]
onset a forceful offensive maneuver; attack; onslaught. [1/2 definitions]
onslaught a forceful, often sudden, offensive maneuver; attack.
outflank to maneuver around or beyond the side or flank of (a military opponent). [1/2 definitions]
parlay to maneuver or contrive to improve or increase (something). [1/3 definitions]
pincers movement a military maneuver used to prevent an enemy force or stronghold from obtaining materials and supplies by converging on it from two sides.
ploy a stratagem or maneuver used to gain advantage.