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blind a cover or mask for true purpose or action; something that obscures. [1/12 definitions]
canister the part of a gas mask that holds a substance for neutralizing airborne poison. [1/2 definitions]
disguise something worn, such as a costume, mask, or the like, to conceal one's identity. [1/5 definitions]
domino2 a long, loose cloak or robe with a hood, worn by clergymen or, often with an eye mask, by masqueraders. [2/3 definitions]
eyehole a hole for the eye, as in a mask or a curtain. [1/2 definitions]
false face a mask, usu. comical or grotesque, that covers the entire face.
front a person, group, or thing that serves to mask illegal activity. [2/13 definitions]
kachina among the Hopi Indians, any of various minor deities or ancestral spirits, or a doll, dancer, or dancer's mask representing such a spirit.
mask to put a mask on. [2/11 definitions]
pretext a false reason or claim put forward to mask one's true motive or aim.
skin diving swimming in which the swimmer is equipped to move about quickly and easily underwater, as with flippers, face mask, scuba equipment, or the like.
unmask to remove a mask or covering from. [3 definitions]
vizard a mask, esp. one for disguise or protection.
whistle in the dark to mask or conquer fear by making a show of bravery.
yellowthroat a small American warbler with a yellow throat, a white belly, an olive-brown back, and on the male, a black mask.