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cable television a form of television in which the sound and picture signals from distant stations are received by a master antenna and then delivered by electrical cable. Cable television typically provides clear reception, access to a large number of channels, and a relatively wide range of programming, whereas conventional television is limited to the reception of signals from local stations.
conquer to master or overcome by moral or mental strength. [1/4 definitions]
devil (often cap.) in Christian theology, the chief spirit of evil, master of Hell, and enemy of God; Satan (prec. by the). [1/8 definitions]
Ella Fitzgerald U.S. jazz and popular ballad singer, known especially as a master of scat singing (b.1917--d.1996).
emcee a master of ceremonies. [3 definitions]
grapple to struggle to master a difficult object, problem, or opponent (often fol. by with). [1/6 definitions]
gunnery sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, a noncommissioned officer ranking below a master or first sergeant and above a staff sergeant.
host1 a person who presides over a large gathering and often performs the function of introducing people to an audience; master of ceremonies. [1/5 definitions]
lord one who is considered a leading master of his particular skill or profession. [1/6 definitions]
M.A. abbreviation of "Master of Arts," a graduate degree, below that of doctor, that is given by a college or university to a person who has completed a prescribed course of graduate study in the humanities or social sciences; master's degree.
maestro someone who is a brilliant or highly respected practitioner of any art; master. [1/2 definitions]
magisterial of the nature of an intellectual master or authority such as a professor or scholar. [1/2 definitions]
master class a small class for very advanced students, esp. a class in musical performance taught by a master musician.
masterly befitting or worthy of a master.
mastership the state of being a master; authority; control. [3 definitions]
mate1 an officer on a merchant ship who ranks directly below the master; first mate. [1/9 definitions]
M.B.A. abbreviation of "Master of Business Administration."
MC abbreviation of "master of ceremonies," one who hosts a formal event or entertainment, usu. making speeches or announcing guests; emcee.
meditate to engage in a disciplined act of self-forgetful concentration, often under the guidance of a religious rule or master. [1/3 definitions]
M.S. abbreviation of "Master of Science," a master's degree awarded usu. in science, technology, or mathematics.
overmaster to overcome or subdue; become master over.