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associate a comrade, companion, or mate. [1/10 definitions]
black widow a small spider, widespread in the United States, of which the female has a shiny, black body with an hourglass-shaped red mark on its underside, a poisonous but usu. not fatal bite, and a reputation for sometimes devouring its mate.
companion a match or mate in a pair. [1/3 definitions]
estrus the recurrent period of heat or sexual excitement in female mammals, during which the female will mate with the male.
first mate the officer of a merchant ship second in rank to the captain; mate.
heterogamete either of a pair of uniting gametes, such as an ovum or a sperm, that differs from its mate in size, structure, activity, sex, or the like. (Cf. isogamete.)
mate1 an officer on a merchant ship who ranks directly below the master; first mate. [1/9 definitions]
mismate to mate wrongly or unsuitably.
pair to match; mate. [2/10 definitions]
Paraguay tea see maté.
rob the cradle to choose as a companion or mate someone much younger than oneself.
rut2 the periodic condition of sexual arousal in certain male animals, such as deer, during which they seek to mate. [1/2 definitions]
second mate the officer next in command below the first mate on a merchant ship; second officer.