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algebra a form of elementary mathematics, used esp. in solving equations, in which letters stand for unknown or variable quantities. [1/2 definitions]
algorithm a completely determined and finite procedure for solving a problem, esp. used in relation to mathematics and computer science.
antilogarithm in mathematics, the number that corresponds to a particular logarithm.
arithmetic the simplest form of mathematics consisting of the theory and computation of whole numbers, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, evolution, and involution. [1/3 definitions]
asymptote in mathematics, a straight line that approaches but never meets a curve.
autistic savant an autistic person who has an extraordinary gift or ability, as in mathematics, music, or art.
axiom in mathematics, a statement, often one regarded as obvious, that is accepted without proof as a basis for proving other statements; postulate. [1/2 definitions]
calculus in mathematics, a system of calculation, as of rates of change, lengths, or volumes, involving algebraic notations. [1/2 definitions]
Cartesian of or pertaining to Descartes or his philosophy or mathematics. [1/2 definitions]
character a mark, letter, or symbol used in an alphabet or in mathematics. [1/7 definitions]
circular in mathematics, of or relating to a circle or properties of a circle. [1/5 definitions]
closed in mathematics, of or pertaining to a curve that encloses an area and has no end points. [1/6 definitions]
commutative in mathematics, interchangeable in order, as the terms in the equation, a + b = b + a. [1/2 definitions]
continuum in mathematics, a set with two end points and an infinite number of points between. [1/2 definitions]
coordinate in mathematics, of or using coordinates as reference points. [2/11 definitions]
corollary in mathematics, a proposition whose proof directly follows in one or a few steps from the proof of another proposition. [1/4 definitions]
diagonal in mathematics, joining two nonadjacent corners of a polygon or two corners of a polyhedron that are not in the same plane. [1/5 definitions]
differential in mathematics, relating to differentials. [2/8 definitions]
differential calculus the branch of mathematics that has to do with differentials and their application.
distributive in mathematics and logic, of or involving the property by which an operation may be applied to each item in an expression or proposition. [1/4 definitions]
divide in mathematics, to determine (a number) by the process of division. [1/8 definitions]