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ABC soil a soil made up of three distinct layers, the A or top layer being humus and organic matter, the B layer being clay and oxidized material, and the C layer being loose rock and mineral materials.
abiogenesis the production of living organisms from nonliving matter; spontaneous generation.
actually as a matter of fact; really. [1/2 definitions]
affair an occurrence, event, matter, or happening. [2/6 definitions]
ammonification the formation of ammonia by bacterial action on nitrogenous organic matter, as in soil. [1/2 definitions]
animalize to make (someone or something) be or resemble an animal or brute or animal matter.
antimatter in physics, matter having particles comparable to those of common matter, but with opposite electrical charges or magnetic characteristics.
anus in anatomy, the opening at the lower or rear end of the intestines, through which solid waste matter is excreted.
arbor vitae the treelike structure of the white matter in the cerebellum when viewed in longitudinal cross section.
atom an invisible component of any element, consisting of protons, neutrons, and electrons, once considered the smallest possible unit of matter. [1/2 definitions]
atomic theory a former theory that all material objects and substances are composed of irreducible units of matter. [1/2 definitions]
audience those reached by means of television, radio, or printed matter. [1/3 definitions]
Band-Aid (l.c.) a makeshift remedy for a serious problem or matter. [1/3 definitions]
beat one's regular professional territory or subject matter. [1/15 definitions]
beat about the bush to intentionally avoid the central matter or point.
beat around the bush to intentionally avoid the central matter or point.
bespatter to splash and soil with drops or bits of matter; spatter. [1/2 definitions]
biomass the quantity of living matter in a particular habitat measured by weight of organisms per unit of habitat area or by weight or volume of organisms per unit of habitat volume.
bit2 (informal) matter or issue. [1/4 definitions]
blackhead a small, black-tipped plug of fatty matter blocking a pore of the skin, esp. on the face. [1/3 definitions]
black hole a hypothetical region or body in space, possibly the remnants of a collapsed star, with such a strong gravitational pull that neither light nor matter can escape.