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apéritif a drink, esp. of an alcoholic beverage, taken before a meal to stimulate the appetite.
appetizer a food or drink served in small portions before a meal to whet the appetite.
barbecue the apparatus, either fixed or portable, on which such a meal is cooked. [1/4 definitions]
benedicite a blessing, esp. one said at a meal; grace. [1/2 definitions]
bib a piece of cloth tied under the chin and worn esp. by babies to protect the clothing during a meal. [1/2 definitions]
bite a quick meal; snack. [1/18 definitions]
blessing a prayer, often a short one before a meal; grace. [1/4 definitions]
bon appétit (French) good appetite (used before a meal to wish diners enjoyment ).
Boston brown bread a dark steamed bread made of corn meal or graham or whole wheat flour, sweetened with molasses.
box lunch an individual light meal, prepared and put in a box to be eaten later, as during travel or at a picnic.
bran the husk of wheat and other cereal grains, left after the grain is ground and the flour or meal is sifted out.
bread a food made primarily with flour or meal and baked, usu. in a loaf shape. [2/4 definitions]
breadstuff meal, flour, or grain used for making bread. [1/2 definitions]
breakfast the first meal of the day, usu. eaten in the morning. [1/2 definitions]
brown-bag to bring (a meal, usu. lunch) to work, school, or the like in, or as in, a brown paper bag. [2/3 definitions]
brown bread a steamed bread made of corn meal and flour, sweetened with molasses; Boston brown bread. [1/2 definitions]
brunch a meal that serves as both breakfast and lunch, usu. eaten in the late morning. [1/2 definitions]
buffet2 a meal at which diners help themselves to food laid out on a large table or buffet. [1/4 definitions]
collation a small meal, esp. one allowed on days of fasting in certain Christian denominations. [1/2 definitions]
commensal eating a meal together. [2/4 definitions]
convenience food partially or fully processed food, such as a frozen meal, that can be quickly prepared.