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commensurable measurable by the same standard.
dive a sharp decrease in something measurable, such as prices or temperature. [1/12 definitions]
infinite having no bounds or limits; not measurable; limitless. [1/3 definitions]
mensurable subject to measurement; measurable.
natural science the branches of science that deal with objective, measurable phenomena as observed in nature, such as biology and chemistry.
nonmeasurable combined form of measurable.
quantity the countable or measurable aspect of anything. [1/6 definitions]
quantum any measurable amount, or a given quantity or portion. [1/3 definitions]
reactance in electronics, one of several measurable components of the total resistance in a circuit to the flow of alternating current.
statistic any measurable characteristic of a sample, such as a mean or standard deviation. [1/2 definitions]
unmeasurable combined form of measurable.