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blend to merge almost imperceptibly. [1/8 definitions]
blend in to merge with, fit in with, or be indistinguishable from, the surroundings or other people.
corner to merge together or be stationed at a corner. [1/10 definitions]
fuse2 to cause to merge, coalesce, or combine, esp. by or as if by melting together. [1/5 definitions]
heterodyne to merge (two frequencies) so that the resulting frequency equals the sum of or difference between the two. [1/3 definitions]
mass to merge together to form a mass. [1/9 definitions]
meld2 to blend or merge.
melt to fade, merge, or blend, as from one state to another (often fol. by away, in, or into). [1/8 definitions]
remerge combined form of merge.