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albumin any of a class of proteins soluble in water and coagulating in heat, found in egg white, blood, milk, and various plant and animal tissues.
ampulla an enlarged part of a tube or canal, as of a milk canal in the milk-secreting glands of a mammal. [1/2 definitions]
au lait made or served with milk.
beestings (used with a sing. or pl. verb) the first milk of a mammal, esp. a cow, after giving birth; colostrum.
biotin a compound considered part of the vitamin B complex, found in milk, egg yolks, and yeast.
black of coffee, taken without cream or milk. [1/13 definitions]
blancmange a white, sweet milk pudding, thickened with cornstarch or gelatin and flavored with vanilla or rum.
blue cheese a rich strong-flavored semisoft cheese made of cow's milk and veined with blue mold.
bottle formula or cow's milk fed to infants in place of mother's milk, usu. contained in a bottle fitted with a nipple. [1/4 definitions]
breast-feed to feed (a baby) milk from a breast; suckle; nurse. [1/2 definitions]
butterfat the fat of milk, from which butter is made.
buttermilk a sour milk produced from milk by adding a bacterial culture. [1/2 definitions]
butyric acid an organic acid found in animal milk fats, esp. rancid butter, and used to produce certain fragrances, disinfectants, flavors, and pharmaceuticals.
café au lait hot coffee mixed with an equal amount of hot or scalded milk. [1/2 definitions]
café noir black coffee (French); coffee without milk or cream.
cambric tea a drink of hot water, milk, sugar, and a little tea, usu. given to children.
cappuccino espresso coffee mixed with steamed milk and often topped with cinnamon or chocolate and whipped cream.
casein a protein derived from milk, used in making cheese and certain plastics. [1/2 definitions]
cattle large, four-legged, plant-eating animals, including cows, bulls, and other domestic bovines, kept for milk or meat.
cheese a food made from milk curd that has been pressed into a mass and aged or seasoned in any of a wide variety of ways. [1/3 definitions]
cheesecake a rich cake containing sweetened cream cheese or cottage cheese, milk, eggs, and flavoring. [1/2 definitions]