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adit an entrance or means of access, esp. a more or less horizontal passageway that leads into a mine.
afterdamp a suffocating gas or mixture of gases that remains in a mine after a methane explosion or fire.
airway a passage for ventilation, as in a mine. [1/3 definitions]
bonanza a rich vein of valuable ore in a mine. [1/2 definitions]
cave-in a collapse inward, as of the walls of an underground mine.
claymore mine a mine, planted in the ground, that is designed to explode in a fanlike array of fragments in the path of an enemy force.
colliery a coal mine, esp. in Great Britain, including the buildings and equipment associated with it.
crater a similar depression in the surface of the earth or other heavenly bodies caused by the impact of falling meteorites or the explosion of a mine or bomb. [1/3 definitions]
crib a supporting framework used in construction or in mine or well shafts. [1/12 definitions]
damp unbreathable gas in a mine. [1/8 definitions]
defuse to remove the fuse from (a bomb, mine, or other explosive device). [1/2 definitions]
habilitate to provide (a mine) with working capital and equipment. [1/2 definitions]
magnetic mine a marine mine designed to explode when its magnetic needle responds to the mass of a nearby ship.
mea culpa (Latin) the fault is mine; I am to blame.
mine2 to dig in the earth for mineral substances such as gold or coal; work in a mine. [1/9 definitions]
miner a person employed to extract coal or other minerals from a mine.
mining the act or business of extracting coal, ore, or other minerals from a mine. [1/2 definitions]
muck to remove muck from (a mine shaft or other place) (often fol. by out). [1/7 definitions]
primer2 a cap or other small vessel filled with an explosive and used to ignite the powder of a gun or mine. [1/3 definitions]
safety lamp a miner's lamp that has a protective wire gauze around the flame to keep it from igniting gases present in a mine.
tailrace a water channel that carries away mine tailings. [1/2 definitions]